Monday, September 13, 2010

How Sound Affects: An Introduction

To me, music is like oxygen; there's no way I could possibly breath without it. When I'm not making it, it's being made for me, in my head, while i'm awake, or while I sleep. When I'm not singing it, it's being sung for me, by all my heros, who take up space on shelves in my living room, basement, and even the songs that are shrunken down to digital bits on my computer's hard drive. It's through music that I've made some of my strongest relationships. Had some of my greatest experiences. Made some of my greatest discoveries.

It's with these sentiments in mind that I've decided to create the blog How Sound Affects. In the last year, I've gotten very much into buying music again, collecting new and vintage sounds -- mostly on vinyl -- and have felt more and more the need to share these finds with the rest of the world (or, realistically, a few of my friends). The idea behind the blog is to simply share what records I've listened to on any given day with whoever chooses to read this thing. Eventually, I'd love to open it up to other people to post what they've been listening to as well, in hopes of creating some kind of community where we can all turn each other on to new and old sounds. Seems simple, right?

So, with that, here's to hoping we can see how our favorite sounds affect us all.

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